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シンクネイチャー アーツ&デザインは、

SynchNature Sound Art “Sirius”

シンクネイチャー© サウンドアート「シリウス」

【Sound Art “Sirius” Official Trailer】約2分のダイジェスト版で、心地よいサウンドをご体験ください!








DVD: 約45min. / CD: 60min. / 300部限定発行





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About Us

シンクネイチャー© アーツ&デザインは、






 「シンクネイチャー© アーツ&デザイン」は、暮らしのなかのアートやデザインを通じて、ウェルビーイング(善き生)に寄与することを目標にしています。



プロジェクト名「シンクネイチャー© アーツ&デザイン」について

プロジェクト名「シンクネイチャー©」の「シンク(Synch)」とは「シンクロ」の意味。つまり「自然との調和・共鳴」に由来する造語です。そして、「アーツ&デザイン(Arts &Design)」に含まれる「アート」は、学術的なジャンル分けとしての「芸術」ではなく、「自然」に対峙するものとしてのラテン語の「アルス(人の技)」を意識しています。すなわち、「自然と共鳴しながら、人が生み出す美」というニュアンスを込めた命名です。

Seeking a style of “beauty” conforming to the new generation—
harmonizing with nature as environment and resonating with inner nature

When we interact with nature, every one of us feel inexpressible “feeling of freedom” and “ease of mind.” At the same time, people have developed techniques and aesthetics over a long period of history, making a departure from the workings of raw nature. The 20th century has lead us to remarkable development of civilization and culture, while it can be said that it was a period that transformed the relationship between Mother Nature and human agency into something awkward, different from its original state; external crises surrounding natural environment are the most recognizable signs.

SynchNature Arts & Design would like to propose attempts to restore a relationship between human beings and “nature as environment” as well as “inner nature” of human beings through art and design, and contribute to the restoration of “feelings of happiness” in lives in some small way. The “synch” contained in the name of the group, SynchNature, refers to “synchronization”; in other words, it is a coinage derived from “harmony/resonance with nature.” Also, “art” included in “Arts & Design” does not refer to mere “art” but takes “ars” from Latin into consideration. That is to say, “Arts & Design” here refers to every “skill and plan of human beings” as something that faces the nature.

Over a long period of time from modern times to the present age, the trend of recognizing more conceptual and intellectual expressions has continued. During that time, however, “simple” physical and emotional value like beautiful, pleasant, and enjoyable that stand side by side with the way of life can be described as being unjustifiably depreciated for a long time.

SynchNature Arts & Design would like to make a difference to the present situation in some small way by collaborating with creators who are fit for the “harmony of nature and ars” of a new era. We are planning to actively exchange opinions also with medical and science personnel who are deeply committed to people’s sound way of living.

What we propose is not a return to chaos of the past when human beings were at the mercy of nature; we wish to propose a “new sense of beauty” for the 21st century which is about to settle to new harmony, once again, up one rank, as if tracing a spiral, after achieving modernization by being differentiated and categorized in various ways.



■ 文化および芸術の振興を目的とする事業
■ アート及びデザインを通じた福祉の推進を目的とする事業
■ アート及びデザインを通じて児童、青少年の健全な育成を目的とする事業
■ アート及びデザインを通じて人類の心身の健全な発達に寄与し、豊かな人間性を涵養することを目的とする事業

Activity Contents

Aiming for an organic blend between the beauty of the natural world and artificial art and design, we will implement activities to contribute to better lives of citizens through various creative activities.

・Activities aiming for the promotion of welfare through art and design
・Activities aiming for the sound development of children and youths through art and design
・Activities aiming to foster rich humanity by contributing to the sound development of people’s mind and body through art and design